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All regardless of their caste, color or creed celebrate the festival of Holi that brings together everyone and makes them one. Smothered with colors, soaking wet with dyed water and filled with joy, everyone celebrates festival of colors- Holi with great gusto. This festival makes everyone feel equal and the all inequality flows away with the colored water.  

Holi Milan
When people once again come together as one and leave behind old rivalries and rows, the magic of ‘Holi Milan’ conjures up love and brotherhood. This institution transforms many foes into friends. People smear colors-gulal and embrace each other as they greet Happy Holi. 

Conventionally, on the day of Holi people drop by their relatives and friends. They exchange sweets and smother each other with colored powder-gulal. Every house has a plate- thali all set with sweet meats and tilak to welcome the visitors.
People greet each other by applying tilak on the other person’s forehead, they then offer sweets and embrace one another by extending the best wishes of Holi.

Holi Convene- Holi Samaroh
Various clubs and social bodies also organize the Holi Samarohs on the day of Holi festival in their community or society. These events help people to get together and celebrate in the spirit of oneness. The samarohs also feature cultural shows to entertain the people and thereby give them a chance to know each other better.   

Festivals like Holi are the time when everyone wants to be close to their nearest and dearest ones. Wishing by the way of greeting cards and Holi messages are also great ways to greet Happy Holi.


Holi Celebration in India

To celebrate Holi is… to Play Holi… this festival is especially famous among the young children who gear up for Holi, months before the final day. The month of Phalguna can occur anywhere in the period of last week of February and 1st week of March. In the earlier days, natural colors were used to play Holi that were extracted from flowers, which bloom during the season, but in this day and age, artificial colors are used to play Holi.

A day before the Holi festivity, a bon fire is made. This is a ritual in India. Legends have it that, the bonfire represents the burning moment of Holika that also epitomizes the defeat of evil. According to myths, Holika was the sister of the evil king Hiranyakashipu. When Hiranyakashipu failed to make his son surrender his fondness and devotion towards Lord Narayana, he asked Holika to sit with Prahalad in the bonfire. Since Holika was blessed with a boon that she would remain unharmed in the blazing fire, she acted upon her brother’s request. But as the Almighty would have it, Prahalad came out unhurt and on the contrary, Holika ended in ashes.

Although Holi is celebrated all over India but celebrations in Mathura and Banaras are celebrated with great enthusiasm that extends for about a week. Here, each temple hosts its own jamboree in its unique way.

In the spirit of Holi festivity, everyone smears gulal on each other. Played joyfully by people of all ages and all religion, this ‘festival of colors’ ignites the feeling of oneness among all. Particularly, impressing the foreign tourists, Holi has earned a global recognition over the years.

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